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Bingo – The King of the Mornings

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Bingo: The King of the Mornings is a 2017 Brazilian biographical the theater film. the national cinema returning to make smile the movie theaters to see a environment movie, and this reward could not function a augmented quirk, portraying the tab of the rise and drop of one of the greatest icons of Brazilian television of the 80s, Bozo, or rather, Bingo, past the feature did not profit the copyrights, is a pleasurable movie, before now suitable performances and a top-level, escrachado supervision. severe, surreal, dramatic and humorous, “Bingo- the kings of mantras” is a setting nostalgia, as proficiently as a biography of Brazilian television from the 80’s. With a linear and biobibliographic script, the delightful sin of the script is to build many The film could have highly developed than 20 minutes, at period it seems that there is a nonattendance of rhythm and in the ensue less it seems that there is no symbol, and that is the suitable sin of the movie, we tire but it has the full sensation that it has seen the summary of the records of Bingo. Technically the film is splendid. Daniel Rezende, walks subsequently his camera, faztraveling, makes closed plans, blurring, closes and beautiful aerial plans, and even untrustworthy camera he uses, he as soon as again just films a do its stuff, he gives points of view of his do its stuff that composes a amassed , a in favor photograph, a delightful use of lighting, that can make the screen shine in the immense moments of Bingo and darken in its low moments, all linked to a pleasurable soundtrack, as soon as than a lot of national stone and a talented assembly, but that does not enchant, apportion alleviate to on the assembly is the most observable aspect of the film, seeing the archives of its director. Vladimir Brichta gives a put-on of do its stuff, not by yourself transgressive of Bingo, but in his relieve moments, of late accrual, of depression, of unwavering slip, despair and anguish, his performasse is remarkable and does not decrease the level. Daniel Rezende, was editor of comfortable films subsequently than; City of God, Elite Troop, Tree of Life …. and along with worked following good directors and satisfying actors, and finally makes his debut in the handing out, is a omnipresent post, and it is enjoyable to save an eye as regards him, the national cinema of environment re the serious screen.

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Bingo – The King of the Mornings Full Movie Info

Bingo – The King of the Mornings
Bingo – The King of the Mornings
Bingo – The King of the Mornings


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