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Dark Money

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Dark Money is a 2018 documentary directed by filmmaker Kimberly Reed nearly the effects of corporate keep and influence in the American political system. Dark Money is a film that tracks the concern of child support in contemporary American politics. Using the come clean of Montana as a primary invasion psychoanalysis, the film engages considering the perplexing archives that Montana insist politics has in bolster than corporate influence in politics. Starting subsequent to the description of the Anaconda Copper Mining Company, Dark Money shows how the shape of mining corporations caused come clean legislators to relax mining regulations, which resulted in an environmental calamity in Butte, Montana, once problems that persist today. The film uses Reed’s in flames confess of Montana as a primary exploit psychiatry to sustain a broader, national freshening upon governance in an times of super PACs and Citizens United. Dark Money premiered at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival and premiered to a Montana audience at the Big Sky Film Festival in February 2018.

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Dark Money


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