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The Desert Bride

The Desert Bride (2018)

The Desert Bride Online

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Genre: Drama

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The Desert Bride Online

The Desert Bride Synopsis:

The Desert Bride, the gently seductive first feature from Cecilia Atan and Valeria Pivato, Garcia plays a mousy type who has never known much fulfillment, until an interlude in the rugged Argentinean hinterland liberates the liveliness trapped within her. The spareness of both the visceral and emotional landscapes yields something quite delicate in a film amid the grace and economy of a courteous rapid defense.

While the marvelous Garcia is the heart of the movie, her unshowy take enthusiasm strikes an exquisite fable in the back the more gregarious impression of Claudio Rissi in what’s largely a two-hander.

Even at a brief 78 minutes, it’s a film that takes its grow dated, getting to know the self-effacing central feel via the subtlest nuances, allowing her experiences room to breathe and resonate with-door-door to the broad landscapes. But the deliberate pacing pays off in an waylay-ended conclusion that quietly soars after that possibility and renewal. Those uplifting elements should encourage desire this clever small-scale debut from festival slots onto specialized distribution radars.


The Desert Bride


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