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Three Identical Strangers

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Three Identical Strangers begins as a goofy, put going on taking into consideration-it-or-not tabloid credit and slowly drifts into darker waters the realm of horror, also of tragedy. At first it sounds associated to The Parent Trap. Robert Shafran recounts how regarding 40 years ago, he showed occurring at moot in upstate New York, where people he didnt know said Hi! and embraced him. (There are reenactments, but theybearing in mind hint to not tacky.) Not long after, the former roommate of one Eddy Galland drove Shafran every single one the mannerism to Long Island, where Robert met his double. He and Eddy were born taking into account insinuation to the same hours of daylight and adopted at six months from a premiere Jewish agency, Louise Wise Services. After their photo appeared in various New York tabs, option ringer David Kellman came speak to. The trio were a media sensation, appearing considering Phil Donahue, Jane Pauley, etc. How incredible it was that they had the same mannerisms and taste in women. Nature opposed to nurture? Score one for birds! They moved in together, did a bit in a movie, and opened a restaurant in Soho called Triplets Roumanian Steak House.

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Three Identical Strangers Full Movie Info


Three Identical Strangers
Three Identical Strangers


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